"Quarantine Collages"


A series I am currently working on, the "Quarantine Collages", reflect the very surreal atmosphere we are living in. We are cut off from each other, our families, our usual energy, there is a sense of dislocation, a concept in much of my sculpture and paper works.

The color serves as mood and a play of drama; there are illusions of space, with the backround and foreground interacting to reinforce that sense of the surreal, of not knowing where we are. The color choices add to the sense of visual movement. I use linear forms as they relate to architecture and formality, and creates a perspective projecting into the distance as well as bars that keep us in.

The collages are a positive response to both visually manifest life now and to expand ideas and forms I use in my studio practice. Art is a living action.

All Quarantine Collages for sale and also available for commission, reproductions, design for interior designers, architects, and art consultants. Perfect for Real Estate and staging as well as for film locations. Applications include printing for textiles: tablecloths, pillow cases, placemats, and ceramic tiles and wall hangings.

Can be printed on metal, wood panels, glass, mylar, vellum, and paper as well as fabric. A PDF is available with all art and prices.

Please contact me directly to work together.