Lori Nozick



Sal Non Sal 124
A site-specific sculpture installation at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park, in Key West Florida, as part of the Sculpture Key West Exhibition, curated by Shamim Momin and juried by Robert Chambers and others. The sculpture, intended to evoke an archaeological site, is created entirely of salt, blocks of salt laid like bricks and held together with a mortar made from seawater and loose fine salt. The process of making the salt solid involves constant and recurring crystalization of the salt molecules, and it has a luminous and ancient quality.
  tower - 9' x 17' x 14'
  columns - 5' x 1' x 1'
  low wall - 3' x 27' x 6"

"One prevalent characteristic...is a sense of mutability and, often, decay and dissipation. ...for example, in Lori Nozick's work, "Sal, Non Sal 124", constructed entirely of salt bricks in the form of a castle-type ruin. Throughout the exhibition, the ghostly salt structure will slowly erode and dissolve, a kind of melancholic collapse that simultaneously evokes a sense of the sublime."
Shamim Momin, Associate Curator, Whitney Museum